Clove OilFungal infection is primarily a disease of the epidermis caused by an infestation of microscopic fungi on the surface of the skin. In the case  of nail fungus, the fungi migrate and reach the skin of the nail causing yellowing, bleaching, thickening and detachment.

The essential oils are a miracle solution that operates both in aesthetics and in the health of the individual. Because of this, the Clove Oil seems to be an effective remedy to apply for a definitive solution.

Effectiveness of Clove Oil for Nail Fungus

Clove may be among the best antifungal treatments. Clove is used in aromatherapy and has antibacterial properties acting on a wide spectrum.

Its oil also possesses antifungal capabilities which in addition to fighting the proliferation of fungi and the infestation of fungi will have a double action in restoring the balance of the intestinal flora and the strengthening of immune defenses.

Indeed, clove oil will cause mushroom damage and block the energy production of yeast.

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Recommended Use

Against the  nail fungus , the clove appears as a natural remedy, effective and especially without side effect. However, it will be necessary to rely on a recommended and regulated use in order to have the desired effect and especially for a successful treatment.

In this way, it should be known that the essential oil based on clove is dermocaustic and therefore it is not recommended for external antifungal use.

Moreover, it is advisable to use this oil on the hollow of the elbow to check all risk of allergy. Once these precautions have been taken, you can use the oil in two ways.

  • The first is to pour a drop of clove oil on a neutral tablet available in a pharmacy or a spoonful of honey. In both cases, the remedy must be dissolved in the mouth.
  • The second use of clove essential oil against nail fungus is to make an infusion in your tea. For that, a drop in a cup of tea will suffice.