The  essential oils  are natural gas concentrated well known for their medicinal benefits and virtues.

Some essential oils have a very interesting anti-fungal effectIn addition to their cosmetic virtues, some essential oils have the property, if combined, of being well suited to treat fungal infections, such as those causing nail fungus .

In this article we present 2 essential oils : The essential oil tea tree and the essential oil of the lemon  which have proved their effectiveness against the nail fungus.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

The essential oil of tea tree is a precious oil that is particularly suitable for the care of fine and sensitive skins …

… but also very satisfactory and effective to fight fungal infections such as nail fungus while strengthening them and protecting them from a recurring attack (the tea tree essential oil is particularly rich in oleic acid ).

If you prefer to treat your nails affected by onychomycosis naturally, this essential oil (tea tree) is considered the most effective natural remedy.

Lemon essential oil

The essential oil of lemon is recommended for the treatment of nails and skin care: rashes, warts, herpes, boils, frostbite, freckles and brittle nails.

In addition, and thanks to its bactericidal , antiseptic  and antiviral properties ,   it is very effective when it comes to treating nail fungus.

Precautions for the use of essential oils

Here are some precautions for using essential oils for the treatment of nail fungus :

  • They are discouraged in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
  • For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use an essential oil diluted or in synergy with another vegetable oil fortifying for the nails and effective against nail fungus like the castor oil .
  • Keep away from light rays before use, the essential oil is very photosensitive.