The nail fungus is a highly contagious infection that mainly thrives in narrow and humid spaces.

Although there are several kinds of fungi such as onychomycoses. They are also able to modify the environment they colonized in order to thrive and feed on the keratin of the nails.

Among the natural treatments of nail fungus , green clay can be effective.

What is clay?

In science, clay corresponds to minerals called clay minerals in general aluminum silicates. Most of these particles come from the disintegration of silicate rocks: granite (mica and feldspar), gneiss or shales.

Clay in therapy

The green color does not indicate the effectiveness of the clay or its prescription. Its origin, on the other hand, varies its composition and its efficiency. The clay is found in our pharmacies under various kinds of ready-to-use drugs: poultices, gastric or cutaneous dressings, toothpastes etc

Its virtues are multiple: bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, sedative, anti-ontracturative, anti-edematous, hemostatic, relaxing and regenerative, clay offers a range of possible uses including onychomycosis or mycosis Nails  (antifungal function).

Treatment of nail fungus

In pharmacies, pure clay is found in the form of dry or wet green clay in tubes. Its richness in trace elements do good to your body. According to the research data of Dr. Amin of the University of Cocody published in International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (vol. 10, 2009) , the effect of clay on mycoses could be from the basic ph of l Clay that limits the activity of nail fungus.

This remedy can take you a long period of time before giving a result. Read our opinion on Zetaclear if you want to speed up the treatment and have good results.


A simple treatment consists of 2 tablespoons of green clay in a glass of water. Once well mixed, just pour into the foot bath water. This bath is ideal especially to calm the itching of the nail fungus.