The laser is among the recommended treatments against nail fungusTreatment with laser of nail mycosis is the latest development in the field of removal of nail fungus of the foot.

Most studies indicate that this is a good solution to get rid of nail fungus infections.

In this article you find everything you need to know about laser treatment against nail fungus.

Specialist treatment (laser center)

Laser treatment is summarized in the use of laser light to destroy fungi inside the affected nail.

Each treatment session takes about 20 minutes . About  two sessions in all will suffice to kill the mushrooms.

Normally it will take about 6 months for new healthy nails to grow again replacing those affected by the nail fungus.

The cost of a laser session is about $1000 which is relatively expensive compared to other alternative treatments available.

After the treatment of the nail fungus you must respect the care recommended by the specialist, such as:

  • Always wear clean socks
  • Sterilize or dispose of old nail tools

Types of laser used

One of the types of laser treatment used is the NOVEON laser , which has been found effective against nail fungus. This type of laser treatment has already been used in the past as a treatment for certain types of cataract surgery and has been found to be effective and pain free.

The PinPointe FootLaser system is another type of laser used against nail fungus which is the most used.

Side effects and contraindications of the laser

  • The type of PinPointe laser has some disadvantages that arise from its method of eliminating the nail fungus itself, since this type of laser uses high UV radiation to destroy fungi.
  • The laser treatment PinPointe could also cause burns and swelling of the skin around the nail.
  • The laser is contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women .