What is the effectiveness of lemon for onychomycosis?Is lemon effective when it comes to treating nail fungus ?

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that only affects the toenails of the feet.

It manifests itself with white or yellow patches under the nails. One good news is that you can decrease this infection with natural remedies like lemon.

Enjoy the healing properties of lemon

Thanks to its ability to cure fungal infections, lemon prevents the development of certain bacteria while strengthening the nails and protecting them from recurrence.

A foot bath with lemon diluted with hot water can help you decrease the nail fungus.

Why try lemon against nail fungus?

How to use lemon effectively?
How to use lemon effectively?

Citric acid is the main component of lemon. It is an alpha hydroxy acid that is potent against fungi such as nail fungus.

This natural anti-fungal remedy also prevents fungi from spreading to other nails or other areas of the body.

However, it is acidic and can therefore cause irritation and tingling to the skin. If you notice any side effects stop using it and choose a softer solution like Zetaclear treatment .

Application of lemon

The juice of lemon can be used by submerging feet affected by nail fungus in a water bath with a few drops of Plant Therapy Lemon Essential Oil, or compress (put lemon juice compress for 10 minutes ). Afterwards rinse and dry the feet thoroughly.