It is common to see someone with nail fungus. Indeed, it is a small infection of toenails caused by fungi.

Often very difficult to treat, nail fungus can still be eliminated with listerine.

An anti fungal mouthwash

The Listerine is an antiseptic mouthwash brand that has existed since the 1870s created by Joseph Lawrence, it was the first mouthwash marketed outside the US and is now the number one in the antiseptic market In the same country.

However, it can be used for other purposes, being an antiseptic, listerine possesses anti-fungal properties that enable it to fight nail fungus. Indeed, this American mouthwash is very effective with bacteria and can be used to fight infections that touch the toes.

This remedy is not too well known, as the product is diverted from its main purpose, however it is effective and guarantees a treatment of fungal infection, but over a long period.

Effective against nail fungus

To treat nail fungus with listerine, a mixture of this mouthwash with vinegar must be made and the infected nail dipped for at least half an hour each day.

The mycosis is often located under the nail, therefore difficult to treat, because protected by the nail reason why this treatment is quite long and can last several months, so the same procedure should be followed successively to be able to notice a regression Of mycosis.