What natural remedies for nail fungus?

What  Effective Natural Treatment to Choose to Reduce Nail Fungus ?

About 10% of adults in Western countries suffer from nail fungus. This percentage increases to 20% of adults aged 60 or older. The infection causes thick, brittle nails that sometimes become painful which leads to the need to find a good treatment to end this problem.

In this article you find the best natural remedies that could help you reduce nail fungus.


Due to its acidic nature,  vinegar is a good natural treatment for nail fungus. Mix the water and vinegar (eg cider vinegar) in equal parts. Soak the affected nails in this solution for at least  15 minutes each day. Make sure the foot is completely dried. Use this natural remedy every day for several weeks.

In order to increase the effectiveness of vinegar  you should also take this natural treatment orally. Its presence in the bloodstream allows it to function on areas that the topical treatment has not been able to achieve.

Baking soda

The baking soda is known for many uses, especially in the home. Many people have already tried the magic of this natural treatment against nail fungus and they can claim that it works.

Apply a paste of baking soda to the affected nails and hold for a few minutes before rinsing and drying. Apply this natural remedy  1 to 2 times a day for faster results.


Essential oils

There are some essential oils that can help diminish nail fungus naturally with no dangerous side effects. Here are the 2 best essential oils against nail fungus:

  1. The tea tree oil is almost safe to use under almost any condition. This home remedy is effective against bacteria and viruses thanks to its medicinal properties. The zetaclear nail fungus treatment contains this effective essential oil.
  2. The essential oil of lemon is able to fight against the fungi thanks to its acid character. Combined with tea tree essential oil this natural treatment can give good results.